Baking on a Budget

The warm, toasty smell of baking has filled my house this morning. I’ve just taken some fruit scones out the oven. There’s nothing more satisfying than taking a bite out of something delicious you’ve made yourself.

Fruit Scones

Fruit Scones

If you are one a tight budget, then the idea of baking might seem a bit expensive. It can mount up at the till when you go to buy all the ingredients. While it would be lovely to buy the best butter and organic milk and flour to bake with, it’s not always possible money wise. However, even with the most basic of ingredients, it’s still possible to make delicious treats.

The cost of all the ingredients in the quantities needed for this fruit scone recipe comes to about 27p. A bargain indeed. However, to buy the full packets for the ingredients at the till, I spent £5.49, although £1.89 of this was on 6 pints of milk. We go through a lot of milk in my house. You could reduce your till spend by over £2 if you bought smaller quantities and omitted the fruit, upping the cost of the scones slightly. Although a bit of an investment at the beginning, you’ll be able to make another 4-5 batches of scones or other baked goodies with what’s left.

Ingredients At Till For Recipe
Basic SR flour £0.65 (1.5kg) £0.09 (225g)
Margarine £0.95 (500g) £0.07 (40g)
Milk £1.89 (3.4l / 6 pints) £0.08 (150ml)
Caster sugar £1.05 (500g) £0.01 (1 tablespoon)
Mixed fruit £0.95 (500g) £0.01 (1 tablespoon)
Salt In cupboard £0.01 (pinch)
TOTAL £5.49 £0.27

How to Make

  1. Set oven to 220C (200C fan)
  2. Sift flour and then rub in the margarine with fingertips
  3. Add the sugar, salt and fruit and mix
  4. Add the milk and mix with a knife until it comes together
  5. Handling as little as possible knead the dough until it forms a rough ball
  6. Flatten a little with hands until about 1.5 cm thick
  7. Cut with a pastry cutter or the end of a wide glass dipped in flour. With the end scraps, shape into a little ball and flatten slightly for your cook’s treat! Put on baking tray.
  8. Put on top shelf of oven and bake for about 12-15 mins until golden. Put on a rack to cool.
Cook's treat scone

Cook’s treat scone made from the final scraps

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2 Responses to Baking on a Budget

  1. sandradan1 says:

    Can’t think of a better reason to bake scones than this, thanks! And thanks for finding and following my Spanish blog, hope you enjoy the occasional recipes there. SD

    • fresaichigo says:

      Scones are so versatile and quick to make. Sometimes I make savoury ones with a little wholemeal flour and cheese added. I’ve heard olives make a nice addition too.

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