Food and Flowery Delights

Tonight I savoured a simple but delicious salad of rocket and preserved red peppers. The sweet vinegar of the capsicums and the pepperyness of the rocket complimented the grilled salmon I had for dinner. What made this salad all the more special was that it came direct from my garden.

Kale, chard, rocket and chives

Kale, chard, rocket and chives

Over the last month I’ve been enjoying purple kale, rhubarb chard and rocket, all of which I planted from seed in my garden. There’s nothing more satisfying than growing your own. Not only do I know how my food was grown and where it came from, I have also saved myself a few pennies. I might not be able to grow enough to be self sufficient, but I’m enjoying a bit of the ‘good life’!

I feel I’ve almost become addicted to growing things. If I don’t have a little pot somewhere planted with seeds, I feel as if something is missing. As it turns out I now have more vegetable plants than space in the garden. I’ve resorted to replanting my broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower and brussel sprouts into bigger containers. I’ve even planted extra seed potatoes into large bags. Feeling that my little tent propagator was empty, I recently planted coriander, turnips, lettuce and mizuna seeds. All of them took only a matter of days to poke through the soil. Where will I put them? Maybe I’ll put the lettuces in plant pots on the windowsills.

But it’s not just vegetables I’m growing. I’m very proud of the lupins I grew from seed last year. The plants are even bigger this year and have even more flower heads. I love them. They have such a presence, not only in their size, but also in the variety of colours and the beautiful shape of their leaves. I’ve also noticed that some of the plants have a lovely perfume.

Lupins in the evening sun

Lupins in the evening sun

Not content with my lupins I’ve scattered a meadow mix of seeds as well. It looks like I’ll have cornflowers, poppies, marigolds and a number of little surprises to look forward to. What is growing in your garden? No garden? What have you got growing in pots and other random places?

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