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Food and Flowery Delights

Tonight I savoured a simple but delicious salad of rocket and preserved red peppers. The sweet vinegar of the capsicums and the pepperyness of the rocket complimented the grilled salmon I had for dinner. What made this salad all the … Continue reading

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Indulgence is a Salty Blue Lake

You can see the steam rising in the distance, white contrasting against the dark lava landscape which surrounds it. You know you are headed in the right direction. The entrance to the Blue Lagoon Spa has been carved straight into … Continue reading

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Radish Leaf Soup

A lush, green, leafy tub of radishes had been adorning my window ledge for a few weeks now. I was looking forward to crunching into the spicy radishes, although I thought the leaves looked pretty delicious too. I asked eco … Continue reading

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